Elevate Your Cardiovascular Health

Our blood pressure products and Oximeters, featuring our Vtec™ sensor technology, are designed to enhance your cardiovascular health. Our sensors are the same ones found in healthcare practices around the globe.

Hypertension is a widespread issue, and that’s precisely where our role begins.

Half of the population over 35 has some level of Hypertension, and a staggering 70% of people fail to take readings at the recommended 2-3 month period.. At VitalTrack, we offer the necessary products and promote healthy cardiovascular health to ensure peace of mind.

Experience an Unmatched Level of Accuracy with Vtec™ Technology

  • VitalTracks Pro+ blood pressure monitor, equipped with a patented Vtec™ sensor, is designed to effectively track your measurements
  • Simple to use with a one button operation, and a cuff placement which can work anywhere.
  • Designed to be used by all ages, with a clear bright HD screen and the ability to track historic progress per user.

Never needs calibrating

As time passes, many blood pressure monitors reduce their effectiveness in measuring BP and need re-calibrating. VitalTrack has no such problems, our convenient monitor carries hospital grade internals and will always produce an accurate measurement.

Battery or mains powered, we designed our blood pressure monitor with portability in mind. Small enough to travel, a truly portable solution combined with hospital grade accuracy.

Effective measurement tracking can help prevent heart disease and Atherosclerosis.

Cardiologists suggest that keeping track of your vitals is essential, to prevent future heart troubles. By using a VitalTrack Pro, you can accurately and historically track your measurements and make any changes necessary.

VitalTrack’s internal chipset has been tried and tested for years by healthcare practitioners. It effectively and easily helps you manage your systolic & diastolic cardiac cycles.

Recommended by doctors across the USA

Our products are stocked across hundreds of healthcare centers and recommended by thousands of physicians. Cardiologists are switching to VitalTrack for an affordable high quality product and the assurance their patients are getting a full range of cardiac products they need.

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